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  • What is the difference between Training, Facilitation Sessions and Presentations?

    Many people are confused with the difference between Training, Facilitating and Presenting. The terms training, facilitating, and presenting are often used interchangeably when, they differ depending on the purpose of the session. Sometimes a company may say that they want to conduct a training session however, after going through a scoping document with SimplifyHR they will find that a facilitation session may be more beneficial for their needs.

    The difference between the three is as follows:

    Facilitation sessions are often used by companies when they want to brainstorm. A good example of this is when a company is devising their strategic plans.

    Presentations are used when you want to showcase something. Example being a company has a new product and they want to showcase this new product.

    Training is used when you want to educate participants. Typical training which takes place in every company include induction training, investigations training, manual handling training, performance review training etc.