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Company Structure

If you are a family owned business or your business has evolved you may be thinking that you would like to review the company structure to meet current needs.

SimplifyHR can support you with this process.  The SimplifyHR team are very experienced in lean principles so a large part of the design will be placing emphasis on how the organisation can be smarter and more efficient going forward.

SimplifyHR will begin by doing a scoping exercise with you by completing a ‘day/week in the life’ analysis.  We will then look at how the business might best be supported going forward.  At this time, we would encourage you to think outside of the box, think of ‘blue skies’ as to what is possible.  SimplifyHR will work on the information provided by you and present a recommended business structure.

Sometimes a business need a fresh pair of eyes.  SimplifyHR will do this while guiding and supporting you to have an organisational structure in place which will enable you reach your goals.