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Performance Management System

 Successful performance management is fundamental to organisational effectiveness. In our experience, lots of businesses shy away from it and are uncomfortable about have conversations around performance.

SimplifyHR will work with you to create a performance management process or system that reflects your own culture, values and organisational objectives as well as good practice.

You may ask, where do we start?

The answer can be as easy as SimplifyHR providing you with a:

  • Template performance review form which can be tailored for your business requirements
  • Guidance notes on how to conduct a performance review

You can also add:

  • Self-reviews
  • Introduce ratings, targets and objectives.
  • SimplifyHR have the resources to provide a 360 degree and report unique for any organisation

SimplifyHR will support you through the process.  We can also provide a tailored performance review training programme to suit your company needs.