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HR Health Checks

A HR Health Check is a good place for businesses to start if they want to ensure they are compliant with all employment legislation.

There are two options for the SimplifyHR health check which include:

  1. SimplifyHR will come onsite and complete the check for you
  2. SimplifyHR will issue you with a checklist and you can complete it yourself.

Upon completion of the HR health check, SimplifyHR will review the information and give you a list of recommendations for your business.

The list will be broken down into two categories:

  1.  Must have and need to be actioned as soon as is reasonably practicable to ensure legal compliance
  2. Nice to have, can be actioned in the future.

SimplifyHR will be practical with the recommendations and we will discuss the actions based on company budget and resources.

As our company name says, we will make the complex world of managing people simpler for you.