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Workplace Inspections

Are you ensuring compliance with your employment records and procedures? Do you know that your company can be inspected at any time by the Workplace Relations Commission:

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) was set up by the Workplace Relations Act 2015.

Inspectors visit places of employment and carry out investigations on behalf of the Commission in order to ensure compliance with equality and employment-related legislation.

In general, Inspectors have the following powers:

  1. to enter at all reasonable times any place of work or premises
  2. inspect and take copies, of any books, documents or records
  3. remove any such books, documents or records
  4. require any person at the place of work or premises to give him/her such information or assistance
  5. to require any person to produce such books, records or documents
  6. to examine any person


4,830 inspections took place in 2016 of which 2,877 (60%) were unannounced.

A total of 2,398 breaches of employment legislation were recorded which is an average of 1.2 breaches per employer.

The most common breach was the failure to keep adequate employment records (62%) followed by employment permits irregularities at 404 (17%).

At SimplifyHR we will assist and support you to ensure that you are compliant for an Inspection.