Do you find managing people complex and time consuming?

At SimplifyHR we provide practical, professional and sound advice to businesses. We support businesses in all aspects of the Employee Life Cycle from pre-employment stage to departure.

You can outsource the day to day management and administration of your HR needs to SimplifyHR.

We will work with you to find what best you as business.  No matter how simple or complex your needs are we can partner with you.

Here are some typical examples of the support services our customers have asked for our help with:

  • Attraction:  At SimplifyHR we guide and support companies on how best to ‘showcase’ their company.  Everyone wants top talent – how do you become the employer of choice?
  • Recruitment:  Before you decide how to fill a vacancy, you need to ensure that your job description, person specification, reward and remuneration package is agreed and approved.  At SimplifyHR we can either devise these for you or review and make suggestions on your current documents.
  • Contracts:  At SimplifyHR we can develop contracts for you or you can send your current contract and we will review and update to ensure you comply with employment legislation.
  • Retention:  Due to an accelerating economic climate companies are experiencing higher turnover than in recent times.  Companies are querying how can they retain their high achievers/top talent.  At SimplifyHR we will work with you to understand your philosophy, vision and strategy and develop retention recommendations.