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Policies & Procedures

Our philosophy at SimplifyHR is to make the complex world of HR and people management easier.  Whatever the situation is with regard to your current stance on employment policies and procedures we are here to support you.

If you have nothing in place, SimplifyHR can help.

You can also send SimplifyHR your current policies and procedures to review.

SimplifyHR can provide policies and procedures tailored for your organisation.

Sample list of policies & procedures include (please note that this is not exhaustive):

  • Dignity at work
  • Grievance procedure
  • Disciplinary procedure
  • All types of leave policies
  • Recruitment
  • Induction/on boarding
  • Talent management
  • Learning & development
  • Absence management
  • Employee engagement
  • Redundancy and termination
  • Data protection
  • Dealing with stress in the workplace
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Performance review/management
  • Standard work
  • Adverse weather conditions

At SimplifyHR we will create or review documentation to ensure legal compliance.

We will provide advice on Lean Best Practices in relation to HR documentation and processes.

We also provide guidance notes on any difficult issues that you may be dealing samples include:

  • Conducting a disciplinary procedure
  • Conducting an investigation
  • Having a difficult conversation with an employee

Whatever the circumstances are, we will draft a guidance note on how to approach and deal with the issue.  We will simplify the matter to make the event less complex for you.